Electric Pumpjack Kit - WellCaddie AmpClamp

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All Robokits include the first year of robokit subscription and web access!

Join the growing community of online operators. Increase production and decrease costs.

Great for pumpjacks, pumps, and other electric applications!

The popular WellCaddie AmpClamp measures amperage through a wire and sends data wirelessly to the internet.

Having data is having value:

  • Save time/ fuel/ truck wear because the robot checks remotely
  • 0 data entry time because the robot enters data automagically
  • Respond to issues faster, less downtime
  • See if pumpjack is running, not running.
  • Run faster, produce more, maintain less (Balanced, unbalanced)
  • Detect Parrafin buildup or Sticking Pump
  • Detect Rod Parting or Broken Belt
  • React faster to Storm Damage, Power Outage
  • Help predict motor or controller issues before it's expensive
  • See Utility Power out or Power on
  • Help Reduce Electric BIlls
  • Assist with Predictive Maintenance Schedule by seeing run time
  • Works perfect with manually entered notes and manual data entries

Buy a Robokit and save. Comes with Nema 4 Enclosure, adapter board, antenna, power supply or solar panel, amp sensor, and 12 months of WellCaddie Data Subscription. 


  • Measures 1-100 amps*
  • Rugged Weather Resistant Enclosure
  • High/Low Text/Email Alarms
  • Online Chart/Tables
  • Updates Every 15 Minutes
  • Quick install - See one installed here!


  • Connectivity: LTE Cellular (AT&T®)
  • Oper. Voltage: <5v DC
  • Oper. Temperature: -20° to 85°C
  • Update Interval: Every 15 Minutes

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*If the expected amperage is greater than 100 amps, please reach out to us.

Volume Pricing Available.  Contact us for a quote. support@wellcaddie.com